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Business Travel Package (currently the Business Travel Package is only available if you arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.)

If you travel to China on business, Shanghai Orange & Orange Travel Agency Co., Ltd is pleased to offer you a package designed especially for you, from the welcome on your arrival to the destination of your hotel.
By accessing your personal area on our online platform you can buy the complete package with a few simple steps.
When you disembark at the airport in Shanghai, you will find one of our staff who will assist you with the visa formalities, with the baggage claim, and with the chauffeured limousine that will take you to your hotel.

VERY VIP package (319.00 euro)
Welcome directly at the your exit from the aircraft
Assistance with Visa
Assistance with retrieving luggage
Limousine (*) and driver for transfer to hotel (**)


VIP WELCOME pack + visa (219.00 euro)
Welcome directly at the your exit fron the aircraft
Assistance with Visa on Arrival
Baggage claim assistance




                                          VERY VIP package 359.00 euro (GBP 305,00)*               VIP WELCOME pack + visa 259.00 euro (GBP 220,00)*

                                                VERY VIP package 339.00 euro  (CHF 362,00)*               VIP WELCOME pack + visa 239.00 euro (CHF 255,00)*

                                          VERY VIP package 439.00 euro (USD 468,00)*                VIP WELCOME pack + visa 339.00 euro (USD 361,00)*

                                          VERY VIP package 209.00 euro (AUD 294,00)*                VIP WELCOME pack + visa 309.00 euro (AUD 435,00)*

                                          VERY VIP package 279.00 euro (KRW 338075,00)*         VIP WELCOME pack + visa 179.00 euro (KRW 216901,00)*


Documents to be attached:
Color photocopy of the passport page containing data and photographs of applicants,
the passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date the visa application
Copy of ticket travel
Copy of hotel reservation
Copy of the business invitation letter
Original License of the inviting company in Shanghai 


Click here to access the application forms


(*) Limousine (Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E class or superior)
(**)The destination address unless otherwise specified, shall be displayed on the hotel booking in Shanghai.
()*The exchange rate is approximately


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China Visa Direct is a new platform on-line specialized for requesting the Group Visa for China, served by "Shanghai Orange & Orange Travel Agency Co. Ltd", for its international customers, the société is inserted in the special area of ​​"Shanghai Free- Trade Zone ", the area created by the Chinese government to promote the capacity and entrepreneurial culture, an environment favorable to innovation, development, business growth, supporting the preparation of policies for development and cooperation between actors concerned and the facilitation of exchanges.
Agency expert in visa application, incoming, private tours, guided tours and transfers from airport to city center and vice versa. We offer consulting services in the international field ensuring maximum reliability and convenience, making use of specialized personnel in the field of tourism services.
Visas are issued directly by the Port Visa Division of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China.


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Warning: Shanghai Orange & Orange Travel Agency Co., Ltd. is a private company. Not part of the Chinese Department of Immigration. We do not have the authority to grant a visa of any kind. We can assist advice and represent people who want to travel in China. Please note that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the Department of Immigration. For more information on the process and the status of the application and any other advice, comes into contact with our professionals. We are at your disposal.